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He has served with Kane County Sheriff's Office since 2003 in a variety of roles, including SWAT Team Assistant Team Leader, Narcotic K-9 Handler, Drug Enforcement Investigator, and Police Supervisor. I was honored to twice be named Deputy of the Year. Having a total of 24 years of public safety experience in Chicagoland, along with a homegrown dedication to Kane County, provides me with a strong foundation and passion to be your Sheriff.


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Sheriff, Kane County, IL   RonHain@countyofkane.org   @KaneCoSheriff

Ron Hain

Commanding Officer Division of Operational Support, STL County Police   jbader@stlouisco.com

Lt. Col. Jeff Bader

Captain Jeff Bader was born and raised in Southeast Missouri. He moved to St. Louis County and made it his home upon his employment with the Saint Louis County Police Department. He currently resides in the City of Wildwood and is currently assigned as a Commander in the City of Fenton Precinct.

In this position Captain Bader is responsible for the overall operation and management of the precinct, which includes officers providing normal patrol service and the Neighborhood Policing OfficersThe Precinct has one captain, one lieutenant, two sergeants, twenty-two police officers, and a police aide. As is the City of Fenton's police officers, the Department is committed to providing the most professional law enforcement service possible to the residents and businesses in the City..


Lt. Col. Bader participated in the ‘School Safety & Security Symposium:  When will you be tested?’  


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Deputy Mike Lewis

Chilicother SRO & Livingston County Sheriff's Office   

Mike Lewis serves the R-II School District as the SRO.  Mike is also a Deputy for the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.  Mike is an excellent role model for all the students in Chillicothe and elsewhere.  Mike has attended numerous training and helped plan many policies with area schools and law enforcement.  Mike is active with the students after regular school time through the Hunting and Fishing Club, coaching sport(s), and attending various school events. 

​Deputy Lewis grew up in Chillicothe and graduated from Chillicothe High School.  Mike received a Bachelors's degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College. Mike has been employed with area law enforcement having served with the Chillicothe Police for 6 years and he joined the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office in August 1998.

Mike has been employed with area law enforcement having served with the Chillicothe Police for 6 years and he joined the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office in August 1998.  Mike is the School Resource Officer for the Chillicothe R-II School System and serves as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for Livingston County.  Mike is active in school activities and youth events.  As a School Resource Officer, Mike has been a member of the National School Resource Officer’s Association and was a founding member of the Missouri School Resource Officer’s Association.  

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Lt. Gerald Lohr

Deputy Commander, Bureau of Tactical Support St. Louis County Police Dept.   glohr@stlouisco.com

Lieutenant Gerald Lohr was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and raised in Massillon, Ohio. He attended Vanderbilt University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics.

He joined the St. Louis County Police Department in 2001. He served in the Affton-Southwest precinct from 2001-2006. He became a member of the Community Action Team where he served in all of the precincts in St. Louis County. In 2007, he was reassigned to the Tactical Operations Unit where he was responsible for dealing with hostage/barricade situations, dignitary protection, execution of search warrants, public appearances, police academy instruction, and patrol of high crime areas. While with the Tactical Operations Unit, he assisted multiple outside agencies including the FBI, ATF, DEA, and Secret Service. In November of 2010, he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Division of Patrol where he has served as a watch supervisor in the Central County and North County precincts.

 In August of 2013, he was transferred to the Division of Special Operations where he served as supervisor of the Canine Unit of the Bureau of Patrol Support. He was promoted to his current rank in May 2014 and subsequently transferred to his current assignment as watch supervisor in the Affton Southwest precinct.

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Tom Phillips

Executive Director of Public Safety, Blue Springs School District   tphillips@bssd.net

Tom Phillips is the Executive Director of Public Safety for the Blue Springs School District.  

​In 2009, The Blue Springs School District was authorized by the Missouri State Legislature as the first public school district in the state to commission its own certified police officers and form its own police force. Thanks to construction made possible by the passing of the 2009 bond issue, the BSSD Department of Public Safety is housed at the Paul Consiglio Education Center. The office serves as a centralized command center for the law enforcement staff and functions as a hub for the more than 800 video cameras providing District surveillance.

One of the main assignments for DPS officers is to conduct residency verification investigations on all new students in the District and any student who needs to be on a residency waiver. A residency waiver is required if a family is living with another family, living in a motel, or any number of different hardship scenarios. Each year, approximately 100 students have been discovered to not live within the District and are removed. This is a cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the District.

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St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department   pajohnson@slmpd.org

Lt. Perri Johnson

Lt. Perri Johnson has been a Police Officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 24 years and holds the rank of Lieutenant.  He is currently the Commander of the St. Louis Juvenile Division.  His assignments have included working in district 3,5,6,8, and 9, teaching at the Police Academy, being a district detective, as well as an Intelligence detective, and also serving in the Mobile Reserve Unit, as well as SWAT. Lt. Johnson has received numerous awards and Letters of Accommodation.  

As the Commander of the Juvenile Division, he recently implemented putting the STOP (Students Talking It Over With Police) Program into the

middle schools, as well as the GREAT (Gang Resistance Education and Training) program in the elementary schools, to help students and Police Officer have a better understanding of one another.

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