Officer Rod Tappe, Missouri School Resource Officer, Union School District

Life long resident and alumni of Union School District. Commissioned with the Union Police department since 1986. Worked as patrolman, until December 2004. Patrol Sergeant December 2004 until assigned SRO position at Union Middle School August 2008.  Officer Tappe is past President of the Missouri School Resource Officers Association.

Officer Tappe is responsible for the breath testing equipment for the department, and has specialized in DWI and drug enforcement. He is one of the 6 Drug Recognition Experts for the police department. Specially trained to recognize impairment of individuals who are under the influence of substances other than alcohol. Officer Tappe is also a CIT officer, specially trained to handle mental illness and violent behaviors.

Officer Tappe is also one of the DARE instructors for the police department, teaching DARE to 5th grade classes at Clark Vitt and I.C. Schools.  Officer Tappe is assigned to the Union High School. 

Officer Tappe participated in the ‘School Safety & Security Symposium:  When will you be tested?’   Please click the videos to hear what he had to say.


Contact Information:


Union High School
#1 Wildcat Drive
Union, Missouri 63084
Phone:  636.583.2513 x1735

Union Police Department

119 S Church St. 

Union, Missouri 63084

Phone:  636.583.3700


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