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Conference Meeting


Board Vice President,

Tolleson Union High School District



Devin Del Palacio

Devin began work as a Community Organizer in 2012. In that year alone, he helped register over 34,000 new minority voters that were engaged throughout the 2012 election cycle. That success continued in 2013 as Devin served as a community organizer throughout South Phoenix & West Phoenix working to increase civic engagement in communities of color.

In 2014, Devin ran for a seat on the Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board. In which Devin won his election and was voted Vice President by his fellow board members. In his first 120 days of being in office, Devin championed President Obama’s My Brothers Keeper initiative which focused on changing the life outcomes for males of color. It was Devin’s leadership that led to the passage of the Males of Color Pledge; making Tolleson Union High School District the first school district in the state to adopt the pledge. The Males of Color Pledge works to increase graduation rates, reduce suspension rates, and decrease high school dropout rates among Latino and African American boys.

In addition to serving as a school board member; Devin was also elected in 2015 to serve as the Regional Pacific Director for the National Black Council of school board members. As a Pacific Regional Director, overseeing 5 states; Devin works to increase academic achievement from ethnic and racial minority groups.

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Pablo Perillan

Pablo is a solution maker who brings those solutions to k-12. He utilizes his healthcare knowledge and applies that to education. His company, SafeHarbor, mimics content from across the globe and pulls the best content available for students.

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Physician & CEO of SafeHarbor Online


Executive Director of Public Safety,

Blue Springs School District

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips is the Executive Director of Public Safety for the Blue Springs School District.  

​In 2009, The Blue Springs School District was authorized by the Missouri State Legislature as the first public school district in the state to commission its own certified police officers and form its own police force. Thanks to construction made possible by the passing of the 2009 bond issue, the BSSD Department of Public Safety is housed at the Paul Consiglio Education Center. The office serves as a centralized command center for the law enforcement staff and functions as a hub for the more than 800 video cameras providing District surveillance.

One of the main assignments for DPS officers is to conduct residency verification investigations on all new students in the District and any student who needs to be on a residency waiver. A residency waiver is required if a family is living with another family, living in a motel, or any number of different hardship scenarios. Each year, approximately 100 students have been discovered to not live within the District and are removed. This is a cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the District.

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CEO, Powe Power


Over the past decade, Channel Powe has a champion for equity. She was elected Governing Board President, former Arizona School Boards Association Black Caucus – President, and has served on our city and county boards and commissions. During her tenure on the Phoenix Women's Commission, they successfully passed Fair and Equal Pay through the city council to help close the gender gap. 


Recently, Powe led the charge to pass five board resolutions that aim to; reduce student suspension, create safe zones for immigrants, a call-to-action for law makers to int in counselors and not fire-arms. Ms. Powe is a nationally recognized equity leader and often called upon by the National School Boards Association and other advocacy groups to speak to creating a more equitable environment on campuses.

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School design, renovations, and upgrades require a seasoned Project Manager who is an expert in education and achieves the benefits of a collaborative team process.  Todd has over 25 years of experience and provides technical expertise and acts as a single-point contact on a daily basis from planning through construction.


From site preparation to building completion, Todd is hands-on and provides single-point responsibility. Todd is supported by an office of project architects and confers with all team members, to ensure all phases of the construction process are in compliance with building plans, schedule, and budget.  Todd has extensive expertise in educational facility planning and design.

Todd Powers

Todd participated in a special edition of Issues in Education that aired live from the 2017 MSBA Annual Conference and he participated in the panel discussion of Age-Appropriate School Safety & Security at the Annual Conference of IASB/IASA/Illinois ASBO in 2017.

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AIA, Vice President, Ittner Architects



Melissa Randol is executive director of the Missouri School Boards’ Association. She also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the MSBA FutureBuilders Foundation. Melissa earned her Bachelor of Science from Missouri State University in Economics and Accounting and her Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has served MSBA since 1994.

Executive Director, MSBA




Dr. Patrick Rice is an improvement coach at Ed Direction, Cicero Group’s K-12 Public Education Practice. As an improvement coach, Dr. Rice works with educational leaders and teachers throughout Illinois. Prior to working for Ed Direction, Dr. Rice was the former Field Services/Equity Director for the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) for almost a decade. From 2006-2010, Dr. Rice was an adjunct professor for McKendree University in Lebanon, IL and building principal for the Mount Vernon City Schools, District 80. In addition, Dr. Rice was a building administrator for Danville School District 118 and East St. Louis School District 189. Prior to becoming an administrator, Dr. Rice taught U.S. History for East St. Louis District 189 and Springfield Public School District 186. 

Improvement Coach

& Author


Program Director,

Lobbying & Federal Legislation,


Deborah Rigsby is the Program Director, Lobbying & Federal Legislation at the National School Boards Association, where her portfolio includes advocacy for implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, federal education investments, and school infrastructure. She is a past president of the Committee for Education Funding, a national coalition of more than 100 education groups representing early education and child development, K-12 schools, and higher education.



​Prior to joining NSBA, Rigsby was a senior legislative counsel at the National League of Cities, advocating priorities for more than 18,000 cities and towns in the areas of homeland security and municipal finance. She was also an aide to the City Council of Jackson, Mississippi, where she worked to address a range of priorities such as community development and affordable housing.

Rigsby is a graduate of Jackson State University and George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. She was also a Chips Quinn Scholar at the Freedom Forum/Newseum Institute and a fellow at the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.

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Deborah Rigsby

Director of Graduate Education,

McKendree University


Dr. Jim Rosborg is the Director of Graduate Education at McKendree University. He is also an author of "What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know." In June of 2005, Rosborg retired after eleven years as superintendent of the 3,750 student Belleville Public School District #118, Belleville, Illinois.  

The collaboration between Rosborg and key stakeholders also led the District to receive the national AFT-Saturn/UAW Collaboration Award in 1999.  Rosborg himself is a past recipient of the Illinois Master Teacher Award, the Illinois State Board of Education “Those Who Excel” Award, the Illinois State Board of Education “Break the Mold” Award, the Boy Scouts of America’s Russell C. Hill Award for outstanding contribution to character education, and the 2004 Illinois Superintendent of the Year Award.  He also collaborated in writing a textbook with Dr. Max McGee and Mr. Jim Burgett entitled, “What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know”.  In addition, Rosborg has published articles on dealing with children with AIDS in the classroom and the need to adjust the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act for successful implementation.


Dr. Rosborg’s service extends beyond District #118 boundaries.  He has served as an adjunct college professor to both St. Louis University and Lindenwood University.  He is the Illinois Association of School Administrators’ representative on the State Test Task Force concerning the No Child Left Behind Act and served on the Illinois Association of School Administrators Board of Directors. 

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Dan Ryder taught English and improv at Mt. Blue Campus for 17 years. He is now an adjunct instructor at the Univ. of Maine at Farmington, as well as a presenter. His workshops provide information about technology integration, improvisation, and design thinking. Dan is the Co-Founder of Wicked Decent Learning and authored the innovative book, Critical Creativity. Not only that, but Dan also stays busy as the Director of Success & Innovation Center. Dan has truly turned his passion into a lifestyle and Issues in Education was thrilled to have him in for an interview at ISTE 2019.

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Dan Ryder


Director of Success and Innovation Center

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