Melissa Randol, Executive Director, Missouri School Boards' Association

Melissa Randol is Executive Director of the Missouri School Boards' Association. She also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the MSBA Future Builders Foundation. Melissa earned her Bachelor of Science from Missouri State University in Economics and Accounting and her Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has served MSBA since 1994.

“I think our commitment is to continue to advance education for Missouri children,” she said. “We believe that public education is the foundation of our democracy, and we are committed to serving the 900,000 public school students in Missouri. We’re committed to telling the story of public education. We feel like in the past several years public education has been attacked.”

The association provides assistance and services to Missouri school boards and their members, including board member training and assistance in conducting searches for new superintendents. It is a private, not-for-profit organization. The association employs 45 people and is located at 2100 I-70 Drive S.W.

Melissa has participated in several editions of Issues in Education, where a wide variety of topics were discussed, she also was a panelist at the School Safety & Security Symposium.   Please click the videos to hear what she had to say.

Contact Information:

Twitter:  @randolMSBA


Missouri School Boards' Association

2100 I-70 Drive Southwest

Columbia Missouri 65203

Phone:  573.445.9920 x340

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