Larry Felton, Board Member

Mehlville School District

Larry is currently President of the Officers for MSBA 2016-2017.

He is a well-informed and proven servant leader who has volunteered the last nine years of his life in service of the Mehlville Board of Education. My approach is learning the ins-and-outs of the complexity related to public education, preferring to stay under-the-radar and above the politics. 

His approach is to do what good leaders do - listen.  Larry is an advocate for public education, local school board control and community engagement. While other members of the board are being loud, boisterous and quotable, you will find him researching the issues and proposing solutions.

He believes that all of the decisions made by a board of education are connected - they are not a series of independent problems to be solved.

Larry participated in Issues in Education with the topic of Issues Impacting School Finances, particularly our biggest Costs, and their overall Impact as well as the State of MSBA, and why we need District Boards.  Click on the  videos to hear what he had to say.

Contact Information:

Twitter:  @GetToKnowLarry


Mehlville School District

3200 Lemay Ferry Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63125

Phone: 314.467.5000

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