Jake Szabo, Executive Vice President, Bullseye.Education


We are a growing community of learners, educators, professionals, technologists, athletes, designers, and researchers all working together to help increase the number of highly effective people solving the world's most pressing problems.

We are building an operating system leveraging lean principles and continuous improvement to support a range of organizations to engage in open feedback and data-driven learning.

Simply put, Bullseye is a data platform that allows two parties to define success and then measure performance against those criteria in a quick and actionable manner.

We are currently most ingrained in the K-12 education space to help bridge the gap between the current state of education and what educators would ideally like their schools to be through leveraging Bullseye software and advisory services.

As a team we prioritize servicing sectors that research shows will have momentous impacts on the future, so we started with kids.

Contact Information:

Twitter:  @BullseyeEdu

Website:  https://bullseye.education

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