ISTE 2019 Conference - Philadelphia


2019 ISTE Conference, Philadelphia

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Dr. Robert Dillon, Director of Innovation, University City School District​​

Dr. Robert Dillon is the newest board member on Issues in      Education's Advisory Board. He is a nationally recognized            Thought Leader and served as the moderator for ISTE 2109.          Click here to learn more about Dr. Robert Dillon.

Aaron Maurer, STEM Lead & Lego Education Master, ISTE

  • Working with Lego

  • 2019 Trends

Amanda Dykes, Educational Technology Specialist, ISTE

  • STEM Transitions and Teachers

  • Cross Pollinating

Dan Kreiness, Leader of Learning Podcast

  • EdTech Trends

  • Leaders in Learning

  • Building Connections

Dan Ryder Director of Success and Innovation Center

  • Building Trust

  • Games and Students

Jeff Bradbury, TeacherCast Educational Network Founder, ISTE

  • Podcast, Audio and Video in the Classroom

  • Behind the Scenes

Janelle McLaughlin, CEO of Innovation Education Solutions, LLC

  • Coaching

  • Leaders in the Classroom

Noah Geisel, Educational Trainer & Badgechat Co-Founder

  • Recognition

  • Summit Badge

Pablo R. Perillan, MD, Ph.D., Physician and CEO of SafeHarbor

  • SafeHarbor

  • Healthcare to Education

  • Overstimulation

Vlada Lotkina, Co-Founder of ClassTag

  • Increasing Parent Engagement

  • Breaking Communication Barriers

What is ISTE

Aaron Maurer

Amanda Dykes

Dan Kreiness

Dan Ryder

Jeff Bradbury

Janelle McLaughlin

Noah Geisel

Pablo Perillan

Vlada Lotkina

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