Innovative Learning

The Lindbergh Schools Administrative Center

Issues in Education on Innovations

Jon Grayson, KTRS, served as moderator and speakers included:

ITTNER Architects

Dennis Young, President & CEO

Lindbergh Schools:

Saint Louis Public Schools

Saint Louis University



National Tends on Education

Dennis Young will share the major trends that are facing education today and 


30 Years in Education .. How has it Changed? 

Dr. Jim Simpson, current Superintendent of Lindbergh Schools will share his 30-Year View of Education


TIF: The Impact that Tax Increment Financing on Education
Dr. Michael Tsichlis, Treasurer, Board of Education, Lindbergh Schools
Dr. Jim Simson, Superintendent, Lindbergh Schools
Natalie Vowell, Board of Education, Saint Louis Public Schools 


Missouri House Bill No. 1236 is currently under consideration in Jefferson City and the key features of this Bill will be discussed. The impact of TIF places a financial burden on school districts and there are better solutions. It is important that the public understands the impact of TIF and are ready to support this important Bill.


Innovative Learning Concepts that develop 21st Century Skills
Karen Schuster, President, Board of Education, Lindbergh Schools
Dr. Tony Lake, incoming Superintendent, Lindbergh Schools
Dennis Young, President & CEO, Ittner Architects


New pedagogies and advancements in the design of learning spaces are critical for enhancing student achievement. To prepare our students to compete in the 21st Century global workforce they will need to acquire critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem-solving, and communication skills. It is time to provide students with the hands-on experiences they will need to have life-long success in a rapidly changing world. Innovative programs will be discussed that are providing results.


Directions in Special Education                                                           Dr. Joy Voss, Professor of Education, Saint Louis University          Cyndy Vincent, Department Head/Lead Teacher for Special School District, Lindbergh Schools

Equity in education is important for all students. Specific interventions and strategies for students with disabilities requires individualized education for those who are exceptional. The trajectory of needs varies among students including behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, health impairment, and many others. Inclusion and collaboration in all aspects of mainstream schooling produce meaningful results. The important directions in special education will be discussed.

Recap TIF & 21st Century Students

Dennis M. Young, President & CEO of Ittner Architects, recapped the program speaking about TIF and 21st Century Students.

National Trends on Education

30 Years in Education .. How has it Changed? 

TIF – Tax Increment Financing

Innovative Learning Concepts that develop 21st Century Skills

Directions in Special Education   

Recap TIF & 21st Century Students

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