Higher Education

Topics included:  

  • Is the college dream possible for everyone?

  • How do we make education affordable?

  • What are reasonable levels for student debt?

  • What are possible cost containment strategies?

  • What changes should we expect moving forward?

  • State-of-the-State of Education

  • Making education affordable

  • Careers and Jobs

  • Partnerships

  • Challenges and potential solutions

Online Education

Global Students

Employment After the Diploma

Challenge of Making the Dream Reality

The Changing Design of the Classroom

What is the Return on an Education Investment

Changing Curriculum 

Producing Global Students

On Campus vs. Commuter Students

Out of Country Students


Can the Average Person Afford a Higher Education

What Keeps College Presidents Up at Night 

Working with Industry Leaders

Did You Always Want to Be an Educator

Adult Student Population

Returning to School

Online Courses and Developing a Trade 

Issues Facing Higher Education

Is the Degree Worth the Debt

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