EDspaces 2019 | Pedagogy, Space & Tech

Tony Wagner, recovering high school English teacher, education visionary and EDspaces keynote speaker, shares his insight into how leaders in education can shape the young people who will change the world in an interview with Issues in Education Founder Dennis Young.

Jim McGarry, President and CEO of EDmarket, discusses the benefits of EDspaces and emerging trends in the industry with Dennis Young, Founder of Issues in Education.

Dr. Robert Dillon and Sandra Soraci from Interface Americas, Inc. discuss the importance of flooring products in educational spaces and Interface's holistic approach from design through maintenance and into life cycle management.

Dr. Robert Dillon and Steve Jende from Interface discuss sustainability in flooring products, Interface's drive towards a more sustainable future, and the importance of sustainability to today's students.

Karina Ruiz, the Principal of BRIC Architecture in Portland, OR, sits down with Dennis Young at EDspaces 2019 to discuss holistic design for education, engaging educators in their spaces, and school safety.

Dr. Lennie Scott-Webber joins Dennis Young on Issues in Education from the EDspaces 2019 conference. Dr. Scott-Webber and Dennis discuss her history as an academic and her work to define the value of design in educational environments.

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