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Issues in Education was founded by Dennis Young, President & CEO of Ittner Architects, these important conversations are aired live on The Big 550 KTRS Radio,  streamed nationally, and videotaped to serve as a valuable resource with access on YouTube and this website.  

Issues in Education is a National Thought Leadership Platform that provides a meaningful voice to leaders in education and business.  The program provides authentic and engaging content from leaders across the country.   The rich content of this platform is subsequently edited into podcasts which can be accessed from our Knowledge Library.

A new segment was created in 2016 which will be included in every edition, Optimizing human performance and experience through informed design.

Mr. Young has over 37 years of educational experience. His special fields of expertise include leadership, community engagement, planning, educational specifications, master planning & space standards development, bond issue planning and financial options.             

As a seasoned leader in collaborative planning, programming & educational specifications for 21st Century Learning Environments, Dennis oversees a team that creates and plans architectural designs that are innovative and transformative, while being functional and practical.

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