Cyndy Vincent

Special Education,

Lindbergh Schools

Cyndy Vincent is a certified Speech/Language Pathologist and also holds certification in special education. She specializes in improving communication skills for individuals who have difficulties with social communication including those on the autism spectrum and who have pragmatic language difficulties.  She also coaches and teaches executive functioning strategies for individuals with ADD/ADHD and organizational issues. As well, she works with individuals to help with the task of transitioning---from middle to high school, high school to college or the next step, and afterwards when entering the job market. 


Mrs. Vincent has worked for 20+ years for Special School District at Lindbergh High School where she is the special education department head and where she developed and leads the communication skills program.  She also consults and does language therapy privately and with Special Solutions and The Tailor Institution.  She has done presentations for the Missouri Speech and Language Association, Special School District, The Tailor Institute, and Lindbergh teachers and parents. 

Contact Information:


Lindbergh High School

5000 Lindbergh Blvd.

St. Louis, Missouri 63126

School Phone:  314-729-2410 Ext. 1573

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