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Dennis M. Young, President & CEO of Ittner Architects

We believe there is no more important topic to the success of our children,  businesses and our economy than education.


Founded by Dennis Young, President & CEO of Ittner Architects, these important conversations are aired live on the radio, streamed live, and recorded to serve as a valuable resource with access on our YouTube channel and this website. In 2017, our broadcast reach expanded to embrace emerging technologies to ensure that Issues in Education remains the primary forum for information on innovation and leadership.  

Dennis Young

Issues in Education is a national thought leadership platform that provides a meaningful voice to the leaders who are bringing innovative ideas that are transforming education, healthcare and business.  The program provides authentic and engaging content from leaders and innovators across the country. The rich content of this platform is subsequently edited into podcasts which can be accessed from our Video Library, or from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or other places you stream your podcasts.

This powerful, national forum provides a meaningful voice for educational, healthcare and business leaders to share their vision and expertise on the issues that impact 21st century learning across all markets. It is time to create a conversation that fosters collaboration and partnerships that can deliver the skills necessary to compete and excel in today's economy and at a lower cost point.

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